Welcome to the website of the
Mayan Intercultural Seminary
A Regional Center of the 
Seminario Bautista de México
The Mayan Intercultural Seminary (SIM) is an ecumenical school of theology and pastoral leadership seeking to create processes of theological thought that would launch missional responses according to the challenges and opportunities of our time.

  The SIM is an institution that contributes to the building of peace beginning with intercultural engagement and from a non-violence perspective, through a spirituality that is committed, as manifested in the transcendent values of the Kingdom of God - equity, justice, openness, dialogue, human dignity, reciprocity, and vocational affirmation.

The SIM empowers the development of church leaders, the formation of networks of solidarity; particularly of women and youth; and the brokering of efforts in favor of the building of a more inclusive, generous, and participatory reality that models the dreams of our Creator.

The academic and pastoral mission of the Seminario Intercultural Mayense is made possible by the support of and in partnership with:

For more information, please do not hesitate to email us at interculturalmayenseseminario@gmail.com

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